Remortgage set up Doncaster

Now is most definitely the time to set up a remortgage. With interest rates at an all time low. If you are in the great position of having only a few months left on your current fixed rate, remortgaging to a new lender could save you thousands per year! It is best not to hesitate, because even though the current interest rates are low, once your fixed rate deal ends you will move onto a banks standard variable rate, furthermore the could be very high compared to the current interest rate and it will potentially cost you hundreds. In the pre Covid-19 world Clear Finance had a range of options when it comes to appointments. The team have a lovely office based in the centre of Doncaster, where mortgage consultations can be conducted. Or we have always been happy to visit customers homes, where people tent to feel more comfortable and it can be more convenient. Because of the current climate we understand that you may not be comfortable with these options. Therefore we are happy to conduct consultations over the phone or video conferencing such as Zoom or Facetime.

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