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Mortgage Appointment Doncaster

Do you need to book a Mortgage appointment in Doncaster? The Clear Finance mortgage team are happy to book appointments in a variety of ways.  Either at out Town centre officers at 6 S Parade, Doncaster DN1 2DY, or in the comfort of your own home. In both settings our staff will be wearing masks, sanitising […]

First Time Buyer Doncaster

If you are a first time buyer, the recent surge in house prices might make you think now is bad time to get on the housing ladder. However it could be a great time to take the leap, for a number of reasons! Firstly, interest rates are at an all time low, whilst successful Mortgage […]

Mortgage rate change Doncaster

If your current Mortgage deal is coming to the end, then it is very likely Clear Finance will be able to save you money! As you will be aware Mortgage interest rates are at an all time low. Depending on when you set up your last Mortgage , we are positive your current rate will not be as […]

New mortgage set up Doncaster

Are you a new home owner and looking to set up a new mortgage in Doncaster? If it is your first Mortgage , the market can be overwhelming! With all the rates and various products, along with fees and other costs, you may not know what is going to be best for your circumstances. A […]

Financial advisor Doncaster

Are you looking for trusted financial advice in Doncaster? Clear Finance offer a wide range of expert financial services to the domestic and business client. The team of highly qualified and experienced advisers can offer trusted advice for a range of products. Furthermore our team can assist you in not only finding a financial product […]

Is now the time to sell in Doncaster?

It was announced this week that house prices have hit an all time high! With the average asking price for UK homes now at a record £333,564! The team at Clear Finance have without doubt noticed the performance of the hosing market, as we are processing more mortgage applications than ever! If you are thinking […]

Employment Protection Doncaster

Are you self employed and worry about the future? A recent study found that a high percentage of self employed workers do not have enough savings to last more than 3 months out of work. This is a scenario that many could easily find themselves in, a common injury such as sport related limb break […]

Financial Protection Set Up Doncaster

If this last year has not got you thinking about financial protection, then nothing will! In the world today, just about every job has a degree of insecurity about it. For example, until last year….who who have thought airline pilots would find themselves “laid off”! Because of the PPI scandal financial protection products have a […]

Financial Protection Quote Doncaster

There are various financial protection products on the market, From mortgage protection to self employed income protection. Clear Finance come across clients whom have no idea the cost of such products. Furthermore many are surprised when we explain that some protection insurances can start at the same cost as your weekly coffee from a well […]

Business and Corporate protection Doncaster

Clear Finance have a team dedicated to financial protection services. In a very unstable and unpredictable world  these products are proving very popular. One protection product that is a little less know is that of Business and Corporate protection. There are various types of products that sit within this family, but all are commonly used to […]