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Retirement planning Doncaster

Retirement was always quite a standard process and not much planning was needed. Employees often opted into a work place pension. Which was often quite attractive and then when the time came the state pension was a welcome amount paid. In recent years the Retirement and pension landscape has changed dramatically. Today with people having many more […]

Retirement advice Doncaster

What is the age you plan to retire? Given the chance we would all like to bring forward our retirement age. With the right decisions and a good financial investment strategy a good retirement at an attractive age can be achieved. It is never too early to be thinking of your retirement, and the sooner […]

Pension Advisor Doncaster

With the changes in regulations over pensions in recent years, has come the opportunity for more financial freedom. However this can come at a cost if you make the wrong decision. Using a financial pensions advisor, such as Clear Finance can help you get more from your pensions . We can work with you to […]

Retirement services Doncaster

With the demise of pensions of old, Retirement planning has become something that needs more thought. Retirement is not something many people think of when young. However making the right choices as early as possible can make all the difference. It can be a daunting task, when looking to plan for the future financially. However […]

Critical illness Cover Set Up Doncaster

Critical illness cover is another insurance people do not like to discuss. However it is just as important for a family as life cover. Especially for a young person, as they are three times more likely to suffer a critical illness than they are to die before they reach retirement. Critical illness products can have […]

Income Protection Insurance Doncaster

We are probably living in the most uncertain times since the World War 2, which is a scary thought. With a certain Recession around the corner and just about every industry effected, now is the time evaluate what is important. There are many Income Protection Insurance products on the market that can help safeguard your […]

Pension Specialist Doncaster

When is a good time to start a pension? This is a question may people ponder, however the answer is personal to you. Obviously the sooner a person starts a pension, the better. However it is better late than never, and with Clear Finance pension team we can advise you one teh best way forward. […]

Happy Yorkshire Day – Clear Finance

All the team from Clear Finance in Doncaster would like to wish everyone a Happy Yorkshire Day! Read whats going on in Yorkshire to celebrate, its a great day for it! https://www.yorkshire.com/inspiration/features/yorkshire-day More about our Mortgage Services in Doncaster call 01302 835938 Please ’Like us’ on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/clearfinance.net/

New mortgage quote Doncaster

Maybe you are coming to the end of your current Mortgages fixed rate. Or perhaps you are looking to take advantage of the stamp duty holiday? Either way Clear Finance in Doncaster can help you navigate the market. Our team of dedicated Mortgage advisers can find you the deal that best suits your circumstances. We […]

Remortgage specialists Doncaster

With current interest rates at an all time low. Has there ever been a better time to remortgage ? That said, there are still some bad deals on the market. Which may look attractive..but the devil is in the detail. Clear Finance have full market access and help clients find not only the cheapest available […]