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Life insurance search Doncaster

If you are in need of life insurance, you may want to involve a broker. As oppose to using one of the well know comparison sites. Clear Finance are a local financial services broker, whom can take the stress out of any product search. Once we know your details and requirements, our specialist team can […]

Preparing Retirement Doncaster

Regardless of how far you are off retirement, it is always good to have a plan. However if you are approaching retirement age there are a number of things to think about. It’s is a good idea review your finances to ensure your future income will enable you to live the life you want. To […]

Financial Protection Review – Doncaster

Having financial protection cover in place is a great step in looking after your family’s future. There are many households whom do not have any cover in place. Not because they cannot afford it, but because it is an issue that is often not brought out of its box. The Covid pandemic has brought home […]

Plan for retirement with Clear Finance

Are you planning your retirement? If so then you probably have many questions. The Clear Fiance retirement team can work with you to make a retirement plan. Answering all your questions and working towards your end goal. Our trusted and specialist team can put in place a plan that works for you not only in […]

New Build Mortgage Advice

The new build sector is booming, and with lenders loosening the reins on mortgages and deposit requirements it is a great time to be a first time buyer. However there is plenty to get your head around when buying a new build. From all the various schemes available, like help to buy. To the various […]

95% mortgages Doncaster

This year has seen a record amount of 95% mortgages agreed. The return and easy availability of 95% mortgages, has made getting on the housing market more achievable for many people. Especially in Doncaster, where the average house price is much lower than many parts of the UK. Meaning the 5% deposit that is needed […]

Its Yorkshire Day! Clear Finance

All the team from Clear Finance in Doncaster, South YORKSHIRE –  would like to wish everyone a Happy Yorkshire Day! Whatever your plans, we hope you have a great day. Read whats going on and more about Yorkshire Day https://inews.co.uk/news/uk/yorkshire-day-2021-when-date-events-gods-own-country-explained-1129084 More about our Mortgage Services in Doncaster call 01302 835938 Please ’Like us’ on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/clearfinance.net/

Investment portfolio management Doncaster

Clear Finance have a team of investment specialists, that can manage your portfolio. Our team can offer services tailored to your specific needs and goals. Regardless of your level of investment, we can put forward a strategy that you can trust. A savings or investment portfolio can include many different products, and Clear Fiance can […]

Compare saving rates Doncaster

If you are looking to save, the first starting point is to establish what you are saving for? Then how long are you intending to save? Clear Finance can help you put together the perfect savings plan, that will not only help your money grow but also save time! As we are sure we can […]

Its Coming HOME

The Clear Finance team will be cheering on England tonight in the European Championships Final! We are certain they can do it, however regardless of the result the team have done us proud. More about our Financial Services in Doncaster call 01302 835938 Please ’Like us’ on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/clearfinance.net/